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Betfair forum search gone


Betfair have moved to a new forum system. Links to threads from the old pages will no longer work, but recent threads have been copied across to the new forum.
As a result, the forum search page here will no longer work. I've been told that the new forum will have its own search feature, so there's no need for me to continue to run the search pages here. Let's hope that they get the new forum working better!.

Discombobulator no longer available


I'm sorry to report that due to legal threats, the Discombobulator is no longer available.

Version 0.9r released


Betfair's new "Early Bird prices" logo broke Discombobulator, oops! Now fixed :)

Version 0.9q released


Fixed login problems caused by changes in Betfair's site. Sorry for the delay in fixing the program!

Version 0.9p released


The Bet bot was broken in version 0.9o, and would never place any bets. This is now fixed.

Version 0.9o released


Another update to fix Betfair's site changes, plus a few other small fixes and tweaks. No big new features (yet!)

Version 0.9n released


Fix for Betfair's latest update (8th August). This should fix problems with showing your account balance. Also, events will no longer be wrongly shown as in-play when they are not.

Version 0.9m released


Update to work with Betfair's latest changes. You will need to upgrade to this version to login to Betfair properly.
Only one big feature in this update: A proper event selector! The 'Pick Event' menu option will open a window showing Betfair's sports menu, allowing you to pick the market that you want to bet in easily.

Version 0.9l released


Major update!

Version 0.9k released


Several new requested features:

Version 0.9j released


Added new 'Save bets' option, which will save a record of your bets made to a file.

Version 0.9i released


Mostly a bugfix release:

Version 0.9h released


Fix auto-advance to same racecourse. It had problems when the racecourse was two words, e.g. 'Lingfield Park'. Should be working now!

Version 0.9g released


Extra bot configurability! The old 'risk' setting has gone - in its place are two new settings that can be individually controlled to fine-tune the behaviour of the bot. Their default values will be set to what they would have been under your previous 'risk' setting. The new controls are:

  1. Maximum odds for the 'leader': If the shortest price horse goes below this price, then the bot will start to consider backing it.
  2. Odds gap: If the difference in price between the shortest price and the next shortest price is greater than this value, then the bot will consider there to be a clear leader.

Version 0.9f released


Small update to improve performance when Betfair's site is going slow or malfunctioning. Previously, if their website jammed, then the Discombobulator would also lock up. Now if it takes longer than five seconds to read the odds from Betfair's site, the program will abort the connection and try again. The race name will be coloured grey to show that the odds displayed are out of date.

You must have Java 5 in order for this feature to be activated. If you are unsure, open the program's Help-About window and it will show at the bottom whether or not this feature is working.

Java 5 can be downloaded here. Choose the 'Download JRE 5.0 Update 6' link.

Version 0.9e released


Fixes login problem in 0.9d. Sorry!

Version 0.9d released


Yet more new features:

Version 0.9c released


Tiny update to fix the display of the euro currency symbol.

Version 0.9b released


Lots of new features:

Version 0.9a released - PLEASE UPGRADE!


This release is required following Betfair's site update!

Another rushed update, to cope with Betfair's new jockey information. The program will also use Betfair's new jockey silks images if they are available (and the feature is turned on).

Version 0.9 released


I've had to rush out this release because Betfair's site changes meant that previous versions will no longer be able to login or view races!

This release also has several new features:

Version 0.8 released


New feature: Bet history window, that shows a complete list of all the bets made using the program.

Version 0.7 released


New feature: A 'cancel bet' button. If your bet isn't immediately matched, you can click this to cancel any remaining stake. This is only going to be useful if you have changed the default backing odds from 1.01!

Version 0.6 released


A few improvements:

Version 0.5 released


This should make the jockey silks work better for more people. n.b. You can't always view the silks for tomorrow's races because the website from where they are downloaded may not have them yet.

Version 0.4 released


Lots of little fixes. Hopefully this cures some login problems, or at least gives a bit more information if people still can't login.

Known problems:

Version 0.2 released


First public version released into the wild...